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As we approach the later years of our life, we often need to adjust our living arrangements. It’s often a big decision with significant consequences. And it can feel daunting, particularly if it means leaving a home we have loved for many years. These moves need to be well planned and the consequences of different types of accommodation and agreements understood. For over 30 years we have been providing expert advice through these transitions with compassion and care.

Granny Flat Agreements

Other Living Arrangements

Granny Flat Agreements

You may be at a stage in life where you want to downsize. You may also want to move closer to your family. The answer often seems to be that you live (usually independently) on their property. If you are investing to adapt or extend their property, a Granny Flat Agreement is essential.

There are many important steps you must take to protect both you and your family. Both parties will need their Estate Planning reviewed and often adjusted. A plan to deal with future possible family law and property sale matters must made.

When these arrangements come to an end without proper planning, the consequences can devastating. Please protect yourself and your family now.

We have over 30 years experience assisting our clients in these delicate matters.

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